Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

Jess + Lizzie | NYC Elopement

NY City Hall just became one of my all time favorite places. I'm pretty sure I could sit there all day and just observe all the excited couples in love while they anticipate their turn to exchange vows. Jess and Lizzie were actually married last January and didn't hire a photographer for their elopement and over time, it became apparent to them that they should have. So, in the sweetest gesture possible, Jess brought me to NYC to recreate their day all over again as an anniversary present for Lizzie. And you guys, it was so much fun, even with the unexpected and super crazy bomb cyclone that kept us indoors most of the time. Despite it being an eventful day, these two were incredible. 

Jess and Lizzie, thank you so much for bringing me to NYC. I wish you love and so much happiness.



Amy + Nate | Indiana Maternity Session

I had such an incredible time with Amy and Nate's session. We met at an old Christmas tree farm they purchased to build their future home on and it was perfect. While we were shooting, we had a beautiful scenic view, deer leaping across the property behind us, and the most breathtaking  golden hour I've ever seen. They were so much fun and have so much love, I have no doubt that these two will make amazing parents. Amy and Nate, thank you for such a lovely day together and congratulations on your new little baby boy! 



Katerina & Umut | Pittsburgh Elopement

In the sweetest little ceremony, Katerina and Umut said their vows in front of a few family and friends at Frick Park right above the same spot where Umut proposed. Meeting at a Tango event when they were in college, it was only appropriate that they did a Tango as their first dance together right after the ceremony. The one thing I can say about these two is that they have the sweetest kind of love and you could see it in every glance, every touch, and every playful joke they had for each other. Their elopement is one of my absolute favorites to date because they weren't afraid to get a little adventurous, to be a little silly, and to fully be themselves.

Katerina and Umut, I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of your day and I wish you many years of happiness together. 



Officiant: My Happy Day

Flowers: The Farmer's Daughter Flowers

Dress Designer: Catherine Deane from BHLDN

Suit Designer: Tom Ford

Hair and Makeup: Hannah Conard Beauty

Jewelry: Tiffany's


Meghan & Anuj | Phipps Conservatory Wedding

Jessica & Garret | Greendance Winery Wedding

Jessica and Garret's wedding at Greendance Winery was so beautiful; the scenery of the winery, the weather and above all, the amount of love and joy present. Thank you so much Jessica and Garret for having me and making me so incredibly welcome. xo

Vendor Spotlight | PointBreezeway

The first time I stepped into PointBreezeway I knew it was a special little place; It was warm, homey and so very cozy.  I met Lauren, her dad, Dennis and, of course, Riley the dog (we became fast friends!) and it all came together. I'm not certain that I've ever been to a place where the personalities of the owners matched the feel of their home, become event space, so well and I was sold.

So, I've said that this place is cozy but have I mentioned how cute it is?! Floor to ceiling windows makes it light and airy but the decor gives it a country cottage feel, I think they say it best with their slogan, "An Urban Barn in the 'Burgh." With seating capacity of 35-60, this space is perfect for your bridal shower or a small wedding. 

A few words from Lauren herself.....

Tell us a little about yourself and how PointBreezeway came to be.

My name is Lauren and so far my 30s are great. I converted my childhood home into a venue, it’s been wild. I got married at PointBreezeway (before it was PointBreezeway) in 2013 and the lightbulb just went off. I thought to myself, ‘this little place needs to be something…again’. The history of my humble family home goes back to the 1880’s when it was a small utility barn. Eventually the barn was expanded and the building was a revolving door of businesses such as a tavern (then speakeasy), a tea room and confectionary. My dad, Dennis, and I lived in the middle sliver of the house starting in 1990. There was a family to our left and more businesses came and went to our right. Eventually my dad bought the whole building and started some initial renovations (all of those beautiful french doors!) with the hopes of turning the space into a community center of sorts. Long story short, that plan didn’t exactly happen. After great efforts, our home sat unfinished for years. When my dad was ready to part ways with the big old building a couple of years ago, that’s when I knew it was time. I really didn’t think too far ahead, that would have been a bit too scary. I had all of the essentials I needed to form a business in March and opened the doors in July of 2014. It’s the best thing I have ever done. 

What is your role at PointBreezeway?

Owner, event host, janitor, dishwasher, daughter, lady boss. Preserving the history of this amazing place.

What brought PointBreezeway to the wedding world? 

Knowing that I had an amazing little gem to share! I think the down to earth couples of Pittsburgh are starting to think that too. 

What makes you different from other wedding venues? 

Our history is pretty incredible. Also, we are very much involved in the events and hospitality, it's something we take great pride in. Most importantly, there’s nothing like PointBreezeway. Everyone walks in and mentions a place, person or memory that is brought to mind. 

What are some PointBreezeway's best features?

You can literally do nothing to the space and still have a kick ass celebration with charm. Time, money and stress are all saved. It can’t get any better than that. Also, the flow of the space allows for a very homey night. Guests can mix, mingle, giggle and chat with ease. 

What has been your favorite moment so far at Pointbreezeway

I would have to classify this as a moment: when I get random hugs from guests and clients because they are having the best time in the world. I get this wonderful feeling that they understand and appreciate exactly why I do this.

Best piece of planning advice for brides & grooms?

Keep. It. Simple. In. Every. Way. (IMHO).

What 5 places in the world have you always wanted to visit? 

Spain, Ireland, Austria, Italy ….Basically Europe! 

Now that you've had a glimpse, go out and visit Lauren and Dennis to get the full effect of all the charm and magic this little place has!

Riley will be waiting for you........

Vendor Spotlight | Hannah Conard Beauty

I first met Hannah when I was helping with a styled shoot for Jenni Grace Photography. I'll admit it, I loved her right away. Hannah is the type of person that you can't help but feel good around, let's face it, this lady has some amazing energy and you could tell that she really loved what she did. She's one of the best hair and makeup artists in town so you definitely have to check out her work. I paid Hannah a visit at her new studio in the North Side so I could show you all how great she really is with the help of my friend turned model, Mary. So, without further ado, Hanna Conard Beauty.


How did you get into the business? 

I have been doing makeup for weddings and special events since I was 15 but it wasn't until two years ago I decided to start my company. I was working in a salon for years and my clients always asked what I love doing the most? My answer was always weddings. I finally had an epiphany: If this is my true passion, I need to make it my sole focus. 

What's your favorite part of the job?

The most fulfilling part of what I do is when I hear a client say, "I have never felt this beautiful." No matter how many times I hear it, it never gets old; how a visual transformation gives way to a visceral reaction to the way they look and feel. It makes my heart sing.

What's one beauty item you can't live without?

Probably a color correcting cream with spf, I am pretty fair and I need to keep my skin protected and moisturized!

When you are with a bride you start with a blank canvas, what inspires you for their look? 

I'm most inspired by her natural beauty: skin, eye color/shape, hair color/texture/length. Taking time to get to know a person and understand how they want to feel and what they feel insecure about also matters just as much as my inspiration.  Everything is taken into consideration. 

What do you feel separates you from others in your field? 

Mostly 3 things, my esthetic, my approach and my team. My esthetic isn't traditional bridal, I like a little more grit. Beauty that is perfectly imperfect, balanced not even, movement not structure, enhanced not covered. My approach is: How you make people feel matters as much just as much as how make them look. I not only want you to look beautiful when you leave the chair, I want you to feel confident, excited and refreshed! My team is incredible, I'm really excited to be working with such talented and passionate woman. Because we do both hair and makeup and because it's a larger team we are truly able to take on anything. No matter how many services or what time of day, we can handle almost anything. 

What are your favorite beauty trends? Which ones could you do without?

I'm not a trendy girl, I believe in things that have or will stand the test of time. I don't want some to look at hair and makeup I have done 30 years from now and not be able to definitively date it. Timeless not trendy. 

What are your top 5 favorite songs? 

Oh man this an impossible question! I love music so much I don't know even know where to begin. What immediately comes to mind are artist not songs so I'm going to go with that. The Black Keys, Florence and the Machine, Ray Lamontagne, Ottis Redding, Nirvana and The Rolling Stones (I guess thats 6). There is just to much great music out there to narrow it to such a sort list. I'm sure by the time you post this I will regret not putting someone on the list. 

What is your absolute favorite spot in Pittsburgh?

The Northside in general, I love it so much! I live here and [so do] some of my best friends, my studio is here. It has an amazing history and an exciting future. Absolute. Favorite. 


Becky & Sam | Lingrow Farm Wedding

These two had the most amazing day; subtle details in every aspect of the wedding made for a gorgeous white and blush tone wedding. A clear fall day with plenty of sunshine and the Pittsburgh skyline gave us the perfect setting for their photographs. I was thrilled to be back at Lingrow Farm again where they had guests from wall to wall, all there to celebrate them. Becky and Sam, thank you so much for letting me share your day! xo

Dress: Glitter and Grit 

Flowers: Leechburg Floral

Venue and Cake: Lingrow Farm 

Church: Holy Cross Greek Orthodox

Dress Design: Anias Anette