Deena | The Silent Mother

When Deena of Shining Light Prenatal approached me about photographing her for a new project she was working on, The Silent Mother, I was pretty excited and the planning started right away. Because, you know, it's not everyday you get to do something as unique as photographing someone showing off their collection of antique obstetric tools and books! As soon as she said, "I would like the images to be dark yet approachable with a victorian feel", I was in. We wanted imagery to be moody, spotted with light with just a touch of somber thrown in. I think we managed to achieve just that. It really was so much fun working with Deena, while she takes what she does very seriously, it doesn't stop her from having a pretty wicked sense of humor about life, birth and motherhood.

Deena's new project doesn't launch until the end of the year but you can still visit her at The Silent Mother  or on Facebook.